The Soul Story

I love cooking and I love the joy of what others get from the food that I create (slightly indulgent, but hey it’s a fair exchange!)

I have had a burning desire to take the creative plunge and share my food journey.  Having past the mid way point of 30…40 didn’t seem so far away.  I really started to evaluate how happy I was…’is this it’… I thought? Am I supposed to just accept my ‘lot’ and get on with it? For the first time I was taking an honest look at myself, my life.

So I made some life choices and my food therapy became my life therapy!

I literally thought if I can have so much fun in the kitchen could I have so much fun in life!
There’s got to be more I thought, can I create and design my life, dance to my own tune… can NOURISHED SOUL actually nourish my soul?