For Drinkers

So it was my daughters fourth birthday and was racking my brains on how to ensure I wasn’t super charging a group of already excitable four year olds children by plying them with sugary drinks. 


This was a sure hit with the kids and mummies too…oh how I love a bit of gushing praise from a fellow mummy! It doesn’t happen very often so I have to indulge myself a little.


Orange and lemon infused water (great for the kiddies)


For 1 jug

Juice 3 oranges

1 lemon

about 1 litre water (depending on jug or bottle just fill to top)

1 tsp maple syrup


Pomegranate and mint infused water (great for the grown-up’s)

1 pomegranate

handful of mint


For the orange and lemon water juice both and add the juice to the jug.  Quarter the orange and lemon that have been juiced and add the skins to the jug.  Fill with cold water, ice and a tsp of maple syrup to bring out the sweetness.

For the pomegranate and mint water juice a pomegranate leaving a a quarter aside for using the pomegranate seeds whole.  When juicing ensure you take out any pith or seeds.  Add the juice to the jug or bottle add the separated seeds, mint and fill with water and ice.

Leaving the jugs for a few hours or overnight gives more of an intense flavour, if you do this there is no need to add ice.