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Oaty morning smoothie

I love making this up when I have those early morning ‘breakfast meetings’ where contrary to the name there is no breakfast there. 

Worry not, help is at hand with this sunshine in a glass.  I like to use a cute jar/style mug and a straw that reminds me of the fairground…it makes me smile!

Oats are a wholegrain powerhouse, a slow digesting carbohydrate that’s great for your muscles and energy levels.

*Warning this glass of goodness my cause you to kick some ass in the boardroom!


INGREDIENTS (serves 2-3)
½ banana
2 heaped tblsp oats
4-5 dates
1 pear (peeled and chopped)
Top up with milk of choice


Chop up banana add oats, deseeded dates and pear to your juicer.  Add a tsp raw cacao powder and top up with milk and wiz up.