On London

CHRISKITCH,  7 Tetherdown, London, N10 1ND
£30-40 for two

So I whatsapped my friend in excitement about this cute little deli style eatery that opened up in her neighbourhood called CHRISKITCH. “It’s amazing she exclaimed” and within a nano second we arranged to meet up…all this whilst sorting out payment for the kids after school clubs, prepping my presentation for work and booking in my next yoga sesh! Between my laptop and Iphone I literally feel like you can run the world. Well I’m sure Obama has a few other things he has to pack in!

It was a gloriously sunny in day in Muswell Hill and as we turned into a residential street. I wondered if my friend had gotten lost, and then out of no where this little oasis of smiley faces and the cutest little courtyard with people tucking into their Salmon oven baked with tahini sat enjoying the last of the September sun.

From the moment I stepped in I totally fell in love with the place. I was greeted by a dramatic display of all things heavenly. On a large industrial butchers block lay the food at varying heights, a mix of color, freshness and decadence. No two days are the same and when its gone its gone!

There were quiches, and salads…oh the salads are on another level. Non of that limp variety here; bursting with flavor, hits of pomegranate, walnuts and raisins…I feel the word ‘salad’ doesn’t quite do it justice.

There were three main dishes and the whole salmon roasted over Chinese tea had my name all over it. Well a portion, there were others who would like a piece! Flaky and elegantly flavored there was no chance I was going to get seconds, the que was going out the door.

In any case I needed space for the gluten free chocolate brownie peering devilishly at me from the corner of my eye . Intensley chocolatey and with the dampness that makes it oh so good. As we sat nattering away Chris (ChrisKitch) stopped and said hello. He started to tell us about his book which he handed to us and about the fact he did private catering. Ooh my friend said “making mummies in Muswell Hill look good!”…’indeed’ he laughed.