For Veggie lovers

Gluten free Roti’s

For those of you looking for a gluten, wheat, sugar free flat bread look no further! Been trailing out different flours, this one hit the spot on flavor, texture and ease of handling the dough. A mixture of millet and buckwheat, high in protein and full of B vitamins. Spice up your life with a curry and these babies!!!

INGREDIENTS (serves 3-4)
100g buckwheat flour
100g millet flour
25ml warm water

Add both flours together in a mixing bowl and gradually add the water whilst kneading together. You want to make a firm dough so use the water sparingly and don’t add it all if it is not required.

Make into six small mini balls. Have a little buckwheat in a separate plate to use whist rolling the balls into 5/6 inch round circles. Using the buckwheat flour if the roti start ticking to the surface, while you are rolling it out.

Using a flat pan(like a pancake one) on a medium heat roll each one out individually and cook on each side. Press with either a clean tea towel or kitchen towel. The roti will slightly puff up. Once both side are golden in colour take off the pan and repeat with all six. I like to butter mine and eat straight away.