Food Philosophy



The love of food and the love of life are intrinsically linked. It all starts with the ingredients: fresh, vibrant, zingy and spicy.  An absolute joy to your senses. It’s like they do the work for you!

I love to cook food that nourishes you from the inside out. For me its all about balance. Knowing that what you are eating is boosting your immune system, souping up your muscles or giving you that radiant glow literally fills me with excitement. Having said that there is always still room in my life for a Butter Chicken curry or a Carbonara, preferably made by a hot Italian! 

I want to eat as many different foods as possible in as many countries as possible…now there’s a mission statement I want to live my life by.

NSK is a way to share my journey, passion and food with you. I hope you feel inspired to put on some Miles Davies and get cooking on a week night – Add a little spice to those Wednesday hump days! Be excited on your commute back from work, thinking about the deliciousness that awaits you. Why not wow the mummy brigade at your child’s next birthday? Or know that that 5 minute breakfast shake is going to have you firing on all cylinders!

Forget second rate guilt about food, let’s chuck that right out the window and focus on yummy food that not only looks amazing, but tastes even better and completely nourishes your soul, just like I hope this philosophy does. x