angeleeMeet Anj
My love for food started as a child, growing up in our family restaurant.   I remember helping my mother fill samosa’s.

It was an absolute buzz of activity, so many aromas, spices and ideals that had to be kept to. My grandmother, the matriarch of the family, was a serious foodie with very exacting standards. She was the kind of woman that would have no problem telling Gordon Ramsey off for swearing, she most definitely was the driving force behind our food heritage.

So much happened in that restaurant. With my father being one of six brothers and three sisters, there was always some drama going on. From working through the night catering for a big fat Indian wedding, to arguments and practical jokes…there was more than just cooking going on in that kitchen…food fuelled our lives in more ways than one!

My life seems to be imitating my spice rack… varied and definitely diverse. I have taken the phrase ‘variety being the spice of life’ to a whole new level. Having started out in fashion I did what every self-respecting fashionista would do and went into healthcare! However I have come back to my first love, FOOD.

In 2013 I joined one of the largest foodservice providers in Europe, giving me a real insight into the food industry.  Being responsible for the healthcare and leisure market allowed me to work with food experts, lead dietician and key opinion leaders, I very quickly understood how food and recovery were so vitally linked and a deeper interest in food ensued.

I started Nourished Soul Kitchen(NSK) as a hobby, simply posting recipes on various social media platforms. All of a sudden I started getting some unbelievably amazing feedback…the universe was telling me to take a leap of faith…so I did x